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Is the German Wasp (Waikato Wasp) or the Common Wasp or the
Paper Wasp you want to exterminate?

We have all of these wasps in abundance here in Northland

Paper Wasps make a very small nest which is hardly ever any bigger than a tea cup. They usually have them under eves, on balconies, on tile roofs, on wooden fences or in trees. 


The Australian Paper Wasp (pictured left) is reddish brown and is often mistakenly called a hornet by some people.



The Asian Paper Wasp (pictured left) is black with yellow stripes and long legs.


If we can treat Paper Wasps while we are doing other work in your area we charge $48 for the first nest and $18 for each other nest we treat while on site. Unless they are in hard to get to places, in which case we would charge extra.

If you are out of town and we have to make a special trip to do the job, we would charge kilometres and travel time also.


German and Common Wasps (pictured left....the Common Wasp is slightly smaller than the German Wasp) usually make their nests in the ground, in banks, in tree trunks or in walls and ceilings of houses.

These wasps make very large nests and are very aggressive. They are about the same size and shape as a bee but are a brighter yellow with very distinct black stripes.

We charge $100 to exterminate an average nest, more if it is in a very difficult place to access or if it is extra large.

If you are out of town and we have to make a special trip to do the job, we would charge vehicle expenses and travel time also.

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