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Upholstery & Drape Cleaning

Phone Jason & Jan on 0274040164

We have two methods of upholstery cleaning. A thorough and a budget job.

With the thorough job we would pre-spray the fabric with a citris-based preconditioner, shampoo and steam clean the fabric. With the budget job we would only pre-spray and steam clean it.


We can also have your suite fabric protected as well. (it?s like Scotchguard and Teflon)


The treatment doesn?t stop the upholstery from getting dirty, but it makes it much easier to remove any stains from spillages.


Now, that reminds me, there are some marks which no cleaning machine will take out.


Things like tea, coffee, raspberry and orange cordial, which actually dye the fabric.


We could run a cleaner over these 50 times and they would still be there.


These sort of stains need specialised treatment and we specialise in stain treatment, but this work is always over and above the cleaning price and there is always an element of risk, which you would have  to take the responsibility for.


With stain treatments there can sometimes be fabric distortion and/or colour loss because we have to use chemicals which are a lot stronger than general cleaning chemicals. What we are usually trying to do is remove an unwanted dye from the fabric without removing the colour of the fabric.


This is very specialised work and even for the experts there can be unwanted results.