Is it rats or mice that you want to eradicate?

This does make a difference because they have different feeding patterns. 

If rats find something they like to eat they're likely to eat enough in one feed to get a lethal dose.

Mice on the other hand, tend to nibble bits here and there so they may not get a lethal dose from a single feed. 

We often use more than one type of poison so they're more likely to get a lethal dose.

We usually control rodents with either rodenticide powder which kills them as they groom themselves, or with a range of anticoagulant baits.

Sometimes we need to use both methods combined, especially if they are in places which are difficult to get at, like in sarked ceilings.

Part of our job as pest controllers is to help you try to prevent rodents getting into your place. So, as well as killing those that are in your house, we  usually inspect to see if we can find out where they may be getting in and advise how to rat proof the building.

Most often, if a rat has access to your roof, he can get into your ceiling, so we recommend ways to stop them.

If rat proofing is not a viable option, we encourage people to  be set up on a preventative maintenance programme where we set up about half a dozen waterproof bait stations in strategic places around the section.

This means that when rats come out of the bush, long grass, or creeks around your place, they get poisoned outside before they get to set up house inside.

These bait stations need to be monitored regularly. Most of the places that we service get done once a month in passing.

As for costing, the standard rodent treatment starts at $150 (either ceiling, interior of house, or subfloor) + $55 for any extra area you want treated.

The outside stations are $13 each for tube-style or $35 each for lockable stations .... & $70 + gst to set them up and map them.



Will they die inside?

With rats there is a 50/50 chance of them dying either in or outside.

Rats need water daily so there is a very real possibility of them dying while they are outside.

Mice, on the other hand, can get enough moisture from your Weetbix so they don't need to go outside.

There is a good chance that mice may die inside.


What about traps?

Traps only tend to catch the young and the unwary, so poison is the most effective option.



How much does the monthly maintenance cost?

Monthly maintenance varies in price depending on how much bait is used.

We usually charge around $35 to monitor & 60c each for the baits used + GST.

(In places that are out of town there would  also be a travel/establishment fee as well).


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