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Phone Gwen 0220655004

or Steve on 0210782975

or click on the link below to email us

Your Certified Chimney Technician Steve is Owner/Operator.

Steve takes great pride in his business, being one of the very few qualified Solid Fuel Appliance Installation Technicians in Northland.

Steve is certified by the Home Heating Association of New Zealand.  

Services we offer

- chimney and flue sweeping/cleaning

- Safety Inspection Report

- firebox repairs and maintenance (replacement retainers, baffles, flues, seals, bricks etc)

- flue and chimney repairs

- flue extensions

- chimney re-flashing

- bird-proofing

- cap off chimneys/flues

- supply of parts

- quotes arranged for necessary repairs if needed

We offer a professional service and quality workmanship and service a large area of Northland.  

Please call us for prices on the services we offer and to see if we are in your area.

Why do I need my flue/chimney swept and how often?

The first reason is safety!

We highly recommend annual sweeps and inspections to clear soot and creosote which causes blockages, removal of birdnests and check for any repairs/replacement parts that are necessary to use your fire cleanly and efficiently.


We recommend that you have this done yearly (sometimes more often depending on usage).


The best time is at the beginning of the year or at the end of the season as between the months of March to August there is a huge demand to have chimneys swept and inspected.


Avoid the rush and be prepared.


Most Insurance Companies now require you to have your chimney/flue serviced annually by a trained professional.

Health & Safety Information

Under the current Work Safe Regulations Health & Safety Act a harness and/or edge protection or scaffolding must be used for safe roof access.


Our policy is to sweep chimneys/flues internally (from the bottom up) whenever possible to reduce the risk of personal injury and minimise the costs to our clients.


If however, we are unable to clean your flue from the bottom up then we will advise of the additional charges necessary for safe roof access.


Full payment is required onsite once the job is completed.

Invoicing will only be by prior arrangement with our office.

A GST Receipt will be issued on payment.

Changes/Booking Cancellations

If you need to change your scheduled booking please let us know at least 24 hours beforehand.


Changes or cancellations made on the day may incur charges if we are unable to fill your space.


A call-out fee of $30 + gst will be charged if you are not home for a scheduled appointment (travel costs will also be charged if you are located out of town).


Be prepared and arrange for your chimney/flue swept and inspected early in the year to avoid the mad winter rush. You will then be all set to enjoy the warmth and have your fireplace ready to heat your home for the cooler months.


Make sure you have working smoke alarms installed throughout your house.


If you have a chimney fire damper your firebox down via the air controller then dial 111.