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If you've got Carpet Beetle let me take a guess here as to what type of carpet you have.


Would it happen to be a light coloured wool carpet?

That’s their favourite. They do eat other carpets but for some reason they prefer the light coloured wool.


We have a couple of methods for treating Carpet Beetle. One is a very thorough job which involves a lot of work. The other is more of a maintenance job.


Firstly, it is highly recommended that the carpet be cleaned before any insecticide is applied.

The carpet should not be cleaned after the treatment because it would remove the treatment, and that’s not a good idea.


Secondly, all the furniture needs to be pulled out from the walls towards the centre of the room to gain access to the edges of the carpet.


Thirdly, the carpet has to be disconnected from the smoothedge so that the treatment can be applied to both sides of the carpet, both sides of the underlay and to the floorboards and smoothedge.


This treatment is applied up to 1 metre from the edge of the carpet.

Both we and other carpet layers have found Carpet Beetle that far under the carpet and underlay that when we’ve uplifted carpets.


This cost is around $315 to $385 for an average 3 bedroom house. And.....


Fourthly, the carpet has to be re-laid and re-stretched into place. This part of the operation you would need to get a price from a carpet-layer.


This treatment kills all the existing Carpet Beetle in the carpet and acts as a preventative against future reinfestations for a season.


Now, part of our Pest Management job is to help you prevent Carpet Beetle reinfesting your carpet, so, as well as killing those that are in your house, we recommend a surface treatment of insecticide (the Budget treatment) be applied every year to the edges of the carpet to kill the adult Carpet Beetle as it land on the carpet to lay its eggs.


Having this surface treatment applied in spring each year would keep Carpet Beetle at bay and avoid the need to have to go through such a major job in the future.       


This job is much less intensive and is usually recommended as a maintenance treatment to help prevent Carpet Beetles infesting your carpet.


Here we need the furniture moved out from the walls so we can treat the surface of the carpet for up to a metre from the edges.


An average 3 bedroom home would cost about $215 with this method if the furniture had been moved for us (slightly more otherwise).


If used yearly after the thorough treatment, it should protect your carpet from one spring to the next.


Trying to use this method to eradicate an existing infestation would not be recommended as both we and other carpet layers have uplifted carpets which have been treated in this manner and found Carpet Beetle larvae alive and well, under the carpet, under the underlay, and under the smoothedge.


They are also found under the carpet where there is no sign of damage on the surface of the carpet.


Note: Average 3 bedroom house = 76m2 of carpet eg. LD = 35, 3 Br = 36, H = 5 Average room is 12m2

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