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To control them is not a simple task. Some establishments tried bombing infested units, only to find that they chased the Bed Bugs into other units, making the problem even worse.


Thorough treatment is essential for Bed bug control and this can take quite a lot of preparation on your part before the Pest Control technicians arrive.


All the bedding and linen should be packed into plastic bags and then removed from the infested room. It should all be given a hot wash, with disinfectant added to the washing water.


If the infested unit has kitchen facilities, you need to empty every cupboard and drawer in the kitchen and pantry. This includes the pot cupboard and the cutlery drawer. All the drawers and cupboards should then be washed before treatment as you don't want to be washing these afterwards or you'll remove the treatment.

Then pull all the furniture in the unit out from the walls so that we can treat all the ceilings, the walls, the skirtings, the curtains, the carpet, the furniture, every nook and cranny we can find and every where in the kitchen.


It is also recommended that the carpet be cleaned before treatment.


If possible, the guests belongings should be treated in order to prevent them from infesting other rooms you may move them to, or other establishments as they travel. To do this, we recommend that you either wash their clothes in super hot water or treat them with steam. Many premises have commercial steam presses in their laundry, or a hand held steam iron can kill them too. Perhaps have us treat personal items (not clothing) with insecticide also. This would cost extra.


There's to be no pets or people inside for about 4 hours and when you come back inside you will have the job of putting everything back into place, and cleaning the food preparation benches before any uncovered food is placed directly onto them.


Don't wash down any areas that won't have uncovered food placed on them. That would clean off the treatment which will usually continue to work for several weeks.


That is really important because the treatment doesn't kill the eggs, so when the eggs hatch you will want the young Bed Bugs to walk on a treated surface and get killed.


This is a very thorough treatment which usually shows immediate results.


It costs about $250 per average backpacker unit PLUS extra for the guests belongings. A large dormitory would naturally cost more

Phone Larry & Jos on 0274927035